Are You Living or Existing?

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How to Live in a State of Gratitude

The Monday after vacation is always so hard. It’s usually the first day back into our routine, the first day back to work, and the first day when the after … Continue Reading →

Today is a Gift

What we do today, will impact what happens to us in the future. The choices of today will yield the results for tomorrow. Living in the past, and always dreaming … Continue Reading →

Cry Out To Jesus: Digging Ditches in the Valley

Some days my life is on point. My to-list gets accomplished and I feel great about the day. Even when things don’t go well, I’m able to make the necessary … Continue Reading →

Gift of Hope: Do You Embrace Your Purpose?

Several years ago, I endured the darkest time of my life. My body was plagued with pain, I wasn’t able to work, and my heart ached, continuously. During the day, I … Continue Reading →