Do You Stand Up For Yourself?

For a long time, I thought standing up for myself just meant standing up to other people or standing up for what I believed to be right. Recently, however, my … Continue Reading →

Who Needs Me To Show Up Today?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our lives. One of the ways the enemy distracts us is by making us constantly busy. When … Continue Reading →

Creating The Challenge

The only way for us to grow in our lives is by overcoming challenges. We will never get to where we want to be by remaining comfortable. In order to … Continue Reading →

Day One

Today is day one. The day that I take back control of my health.  Since my vacation, I have been more lenient with my diet. I’ve allowed more treats and … Continue Reading →

We Are The Enemy

We usually think that the enemy is an outside force. Of course, we believe and even blame other people for hurting us, however, we are usually the ones to blame … Continue Reading →