The Blessing Of Now

Why do we worry? For me, the reason is that I am living too far ahead into the future. God will always give us exactly what we need when we … Continue Reading →

Giving Our Lives To God

For many years of my life, I was stuck in a fixed mindset. I viewed my scars as something horrible that happened to me. I couldn’t see a bigger picture … Continue Reading →

Are You Happy With Your Life?

Are you happy with your life? Do you live with passion and purpose? Do you strive every day to make your life better and the world a better place? When … Continue Reading →

Ten Tips For Overcoming Chronic Pain

I will never forget how it felt to lie in the bed afraid and in severe pain. Day after day, month after month, I searched for ways to alleviate my … Continue Reading →

Why Our Feelings Can Be Dangerous

Sometimes our situation can seem so hopeless. Especially when we focus on our heartaches and magnify them. Our minds have the ability to take something small and turn it into … Continue Reading →