Creating The Challenge

The only way for us to grow in our lives is by overcoming challenges. We will never get to where we want to be by remaining comfortable. In order to change ourselves, we have to be willing to be uncomfortable. 

This morning as I went on my normal walk, I realized that I don’t even really sweat anymore. Nor do I get out of breath. I walk at an easy comfortable pace, without even challenging myself. No wonder my muscles seem to be shrinking. So I decided to put on 5-pound weights on my ankles to make it more challenging. Before I took the first step, I decided to walk two miles with the weights on. We have to establish our goals before we begin. Otherwise, we can change our minds when it gets tough. The first few steps were okay, but then it got harder. Half way through I wanted to quit. It was then that I reminded myself of how great I would feel when it was over—physically and mentally. 

When I had about a half a mile to go, I gave myself a new challenge. I decided to run a mile after the weights came off. It seemed crazy and yet exciting. My legs were already struggling but yet I decided to run afterward. Looking ahead to the next challenge helped me to get through the present one. Suddenly, the half a mile didn’t seem so hard anymore because I had my sights set on a bigger goal. 

Once my four miles were complete, I was sweating, my breathing was labored, and I felt incredible. I completed the harder challenge and it boosted my confidence. Regardless of what my mind tries to tell me, I know that I am strong. Every once in a while I just need to be reminded of my strengths instead of always focusing on my weaknesses. 

My thought for today: If you don’t feel like quitting, then you are not pushing yourself hard enough. 

Today was exactly what I needed. Somewhere during my run, I found my inner warrior. The one who doesn’t accept excuses, but keeps putting one foot in front of the other until the trial is finished. I love it when I can tap into that mindset. It makes me feel like anything is possible. 
I made it through the workout. The weight, however, did not. One of the bags ripped open and spilled out. Now I have a 5-pound weight and a four-pound one. 

Love and blessings, 


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