Just Be You: What I Learned From Negativity

Isn’t it great that the Lord can show us something positive in a negative atmosphere? Yesterday, my Facebook newsfeed was filled with hurtful comments. While it mad me sad, I … Continue Reading →

The Voice of Prayer

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the evil of our world. We see the things going on around us and it troubles our hearts. But instead of being sucked into the … Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Helping Others

What if we mimicked God and loved everyone? Can you imagine how much greater our world would be if we all committed to helping someone else every single day? When … Continue Reading →


I don’t always wake up on Sunday morning, excited about going to church. The temptation to sleep in is always there. My body seems to ache more on Sundays then … Continue Reading →

The Comparison Bug

It is so easy to compare ourselves to others and become jealous of their success. Usually, all we see is the blessing, but we don’t often get to see the … Continue Reading →