Having favor with God

God doesn’t make deals. When we go to Him trying to work things out and offering Him certain things if He will just answer our prayers, then it doesn’t work … Continue Reading →


Accepting God

I remember very vividly the moment that changed my life forever and for all Eternity. The church was having a revival and I didn’t want to go. My parents made … Continue Reading →


Enjoying the moments

One of the greatest things that I have learned recently is to how to enjoy the little moments. Every day is a new beginning. This brand new day is filled … Continue Reading →


Love deeply

One day it will all be over. My life will come to end. God knows the date. He knows the exact time. Right now my life is on a timer … Continue Reading →

The goodness of the Lord

God is so wonderful! Sometimes I fail to tell of His greatness. When I just pause in my life and look around for my blessings, I can see them everywhere. … Continue Reading →