Have you ever noticed how things usually get harder before they get better? 

I’m struggling right now. The constant everyday grind feels overwhelming, and my soul feels defeated. Regardless of how hard I try, I can’t make any progress. And I don’t understand.  … Continue Reading →

If your kids follow your example, what kind of life will they have?

When my youngest was in elementary school, he told his teacher he had to care for his mom. He told her I was sick and old and in bed a … Continue Reading →

From what perspective do you want to share your story: victim or overcomer?

I’m done!  Done, I whispered as the tears rolled down my face. It wasn’t a big deal. If I told you what made me so incredibly mad and sad simultaneously, … Continue Reading →

Will you allow your excuses to define you and design your life? 

One of the things I wish I had known sooner is that my thoughts create my life. If I always make excuses for not doing things, I will make a … Continue Reading →

The enemy’s strategy is to worry you and cause you unnecessary pain. 

When everything is going well in my life, it’s easy for me to have faith, follow God, and praise Him. But the minute it turns upside down, I start doubting, … Continue Reading →