Are you willing to pay the price of unforgiveness and hatred?

At first, it feels great to hold onto the hurt. We cling to our heartaches and disappointments as treasures we want to remember and nurture. Every time we visit the pain of what happened, it grows and gains more power. At first, it seems harmless to harbor such negative feelings until they overtake us. 

We lose ourselves in the grudges. They weigh us down and become very hard to carry. As long as our hearts and minds are full of pain and need to seek vengeance, we can’t feel the love, peace, and joy that our souls need. 

We can carry it around with us every day and allow the negativity to fester inside us until it turns into hate, but at what cost? 

Are you willing to pay the price of unforgiveness and hatred?

When I believe that people are doing their best with their mindset, circumstances, and abilities, forgiveness becomes easier. We have all done things we later realized were mistakes. I’ve been so incredibly sorry for having done some of those things. I’ve hurt people that I NEVER intentionally wanted to hurt. While we can’t erase what’s already happened, we can choose to forgive. 

We need the forgiveness more than we need to give it to someone else. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is choosing to forgive instead of holding onto the hurt. 

Hurt causes so many problems in our lives. As long as we cling to the pain, we allow it to hurt us. It also stands between us and God. Nothing is more important to me than my relationship with God. 

Just because we forgive someone doesn’t mean that we have to invite them back into our lives. We can forgive and let go. 

Some of the questions I like to ask myself when I’m struggling to forgive:

  1. What benefit is there in holding onto the grudge?
  2. Are you willing to let it go?
  3. How would you feel free from the hurt of it all?

God forgives me continuously. I’m always messing up and doing things I shouldn’t. I vow to do better, and then I will do even worse. But God never tells me that my sin is too big to forgive or that I don’t deserve His forgiveness. He forgives me, tells me to forgive myself, and lets it go. 

Oh, the peace of letting it all go. We all have to pay for what we do. I don’t want to punish myself even more by holding a grudge. Therefore, I TRUST God to do what is right because He will do what is best for all involved. 

And I get to focus on love instead of hate. 

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