Are you willing for God to teach you?

God is one faith call away. Sometimes, however, I forget this truth. I gather all the hard things from my day and allow them to cause stress. I often feel overwhelmed and stressed because I don’t take it all to the Lord in prayer.

The truth is that God wants to help me. Each hard thing can be a learning experience, especially when I open myself to it.

What do you want me to learn from this?

Through every situation, I need to ask God this question. Instead of feeling like a victim, I need to ask God to help me process everything and develop the right mindset. So often, I give away my power when I allow others or my circumstances to control my thoughts. However, I can regain control when I slow down and ask God to help me process everything.

Most of the time, all that needs to change is my mindset. God can take each painful moment and give me a different perspective. But first, I have to talk it over with Him.

Conversations with God are the absolute best. I love it when He shows me a different way to look at things and helps me overcome my hardships. It is such a blessing to be loved and cared for by God. With each trial, He reminds me that I am not alone. He is walking with me, and we can talk along the way.

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