Are you trapped in the unbelief?

It’s hard to be obedient to the Lord. The minute I start walking in the direction my Lord wants me to go, the enemy shows up and tries to stop me. 

The enemy lies to me. 

He puts stumbling blocks in my way. 

He distracts me. 

He tries to scare me. 

But if I keep my eyes on the Lord, He will help me. With my eyes on the Lord, I can withstand the fire. I can’t be surrounded by the evil and never be harmed. 

2 Corinthians 5:7 KJV

(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

Faith is trusting that if we follow the Lord, it will be the best thing for us. When I get scared, I must remember how big my God is. 

My God parted the Red Sea and even dried the ground. He closed the mouth of the lions and overcame the fire. Jesus overcame death for us. 

When I pause and think about His greatness and power, my problems and fears don’t seem as big. 

My God is all-powerful. 

He is all-wise. 

And He loves me. 

Oh, how He loves us. 

God shows us how to get out of the pain, sweet friends. Sometimes, we don’t think we are good enough to overcome it. So, we do what we believe instead of what God shows us to do. 

We often live in a prison of limiting beliefs when the door is opened to us by God. I’m speaking from experience. 

God has told me the way, yet I’ve stood in the shadows of my unbelief and listened to the enemy. God beckons me to step out in faith and follow Him while the enemy tells me to stay in the safety of my comfort zone. 

To follow God can be painful. But staying with the enemy in our misery is like a slow torture. 

One of the biggest lies the enemy tries to sell us is that it won’t be worth it. But the pain can’t even compare to the blessings. It’s different when God gives us His grace and favor and the good gifts only He can provide us. The joy is more incredible, especially if we’ve struggled to get the blessing. 

Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans on Unsplash

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