Amniotic Band Syndrome

 What is Amniotic Band Syndrome?

Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS) is a rare condition caused by string-like bands in the amniotic sac. These bands can entangle the umbilical cord or other parts of the baby’s body. The constriction can cause a variety of problems depending on where they are located and how tightly they are wrapped.  The complications from Amniotic Band Syndrome vary. Mild banding can result in amputation or scarring, while severe banding can result in death of the baby.

The medical community cannot truly explain what causes amniotic bands to form. While some call it a fluke of nature, Candida Sullivan believes it is a symbol of God’s amazing miracles. God doesn’t punish us with scars; He blesses us with life. The scars show the world that there is a God and He is great.

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