Amazing Grace

Have you ever had anything so wonderful happen to you that you want to share it with the whole world? I’m talking about a moment that truly changes your life and transforms you into a new person; something so amazingly beautiful that your heart aches for those who don’t have it. If this happened to you would you be able to hide it or would you want to tell those you love how they can get it, too?
Growing up a (Missionary Baptist) preacher’s daughter, I went to church a lot. Sometimes I played with my dolls, napped or daydreamed. I didn’t really pay that much attention to the preaching because I didn’t understand it. However, one day everything changed. That day I felt as if the preacher was talking directly to me. The words touched my heart and scared me, but I knew there was a God! I also knew I was lost and that I didn’t belong to Him.
From that moment on, my life was complete and total misery. I was afraid to go to sleep. I was afraid to go anywhere in the car. I was afraid that I would die, without knowing God. I felt overwhelmed by everything. I didn’t really laugh or smile, anymore. I couldn’t because my heart was so heavy and sad all the time. Regardless of how I tried to escape the misery, it was always there— surrounding me.
But one day, God gave me an opportunity to change it all. He asked me if I wanted to go to Heaven. He asked me if I wanted Him to be my Savior. He asked me if I wanted to trade all of my misery for love and peace. He gave me an invitation to be with Him in paradise, when my life here comes to an end.
The moment I believed with my whole heart and wanted everything He was offering, more than anything in the world, I was saved. The heavy burden I had been carrying for so long was gone and in its place was so much love and peace. So much love that it seemed to overflow from my heart and, in that moment, I wanted EVERYONE to be saved, too.
I have been trying, since that day, to tell people what God has done for me and I just can’t find the words to explain how wonderful it is. While I know I’m absolutely nothing, God’s love is wonderful—it shines from the inside out. It makes me want to be a better person. It makes me want to help others. It makes me smile brighter and love deeper. It makes me love my enemies and forgive those who hurt me. It makes me happy! Regardless of the challenges in my life and heartaches, nothing can separate me from my God.
When the storms of life start raging, He will hold me secure in His arms. When I’m overwhelmed and troubled by the pressures and grief of the world, He will comfort me. When I need something, He will give it to me. When my faith is wavering, He will renew it. When my strength fails, He will pick me up in His arms and carry me. When I’m sick, He will heal me. When I’m growing old and feeble, He will be right there with me to guide me home.
The day I accepted God into my heart, the only thing I lost was the fear of hell. But, oh what I gained. It’s been a long time since that day, but I have never, ever regretted giving my heart to God.
I’m not ashamed of my God. I’m not ashamed to tell you how wonderful He is to me and how much He blesses my life. He’s the part of me that’s beautiful. He’s the part of me that’s kind. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me—God’s Amazing Grace!
I pray you know Him, too.
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