The Power of Vision

Last night, I decided to go back through my journal and read some of the things that I had previously recorded. After a few pages, I found a place where I talked about writing words of encouragement—365 of them to be exact. As I read my words, I smiled and was a little awed by my Lord. He gave me the thought at least a year before I wrote the first one. And I had completely forgotten about even writing that in my journal. In fact, it was my publisher who suggested that I write the 365 snippets for an app.  

Now, however, as I look at my new app “Words of Encouragement” I realize the importance of writing things down. If we can dream it, we can achieve it. Before my books were ever published, I imagined kids surrounding me as I read them all about Zippy. Now I have three Zippy books in print, along with translations in Spanish and Russian, and I’ve read my stories to thousands of children. Before I had ever met anyone else with Amniotic Band Syndrome, I imagined it. The day that I attended a picnic with over 200 people, some of them with ABS, I remembered my dream. For two years, I wrote, ‘become an award winning author’ on my vision board. This year, in 2016, it happened. 

When we become clear about what we want and develop a plan to make it happen, anything is possible. I believe that God is the One who puts those dreams in our hearts. He wants us to do everything that is possible for us to do to make it happen, and then leave the impossible to Him. 

Would you be interested in learning more about my process of creating a vision board? This can work with all areas of our life. Send me an email to: or leave me a comment. 

Also my app “Words of Encouragement” is free in the app store. I’d love for you to download it. 

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