The Christmas Blessing

Years ago, my husband and I were so poor that is was hard to buy Christmas presents for our children. We raked and scraped and barely had enough to buy our children gifts. Every year it was so stressful for me because I wanted to give my children good gifts and make memories that they would cherish forever. 

Because times were tough back then, I allowed the devil to beat me up and make Christmas more about the presents than the love in my heart. But it is the love that we all desire and often overlook or take for granted. 

Today, as I was doing laundry and cleaning house, a little girl knocked on my door and asked me to take her shopping. Her siblings had all pitched in to buy her Grandma (that takes care of them) a present. She said, “She does so much for us, we just want to do something for her. We might not have much, but we know what is important.” Talk about touching my heart. 

What a gift it is to be a child of the King, and get to witness His blessings. It’s the presents bought and received with love that mean so much anyway. It’s all about perspective. If we appreciate what we have and what we give, then it will always be enough. If we are ungrateful, then it will never be good enough. 

God has blessed me abundantly and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to experience His beautiful love. My heart is overjoyed and today I feel as if I have been around His angels. God is so good! I love His wonderful Spirit of Christmas. 

Merry Christmas!

Love and blessings,


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