New Year = New You

Now is the time to starting thinking about the new year. In between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I reflect back on my year. I like to remember all the good times and accomplishments, and develop a vision and plan for my new year.

Through out the years, I have learned to work on all areas of my life. Everything that is important to me, goes on my list. My health, my relationships, business, and finances. Once I create my vision, then I’m able to create a plan to help me get there. 

My health is always at the top of my list. If you’ve ever been really sick, then you understand what I’m talking about. Our health truly impacts every area of our life. I break it down into the different areas; spiritual health, physical health, and mental health. In order to feel my best, I have to work on all three areas. 

For my spiritual health, I go to church, read my Bible, and pray. I also try to be obedient to my Lord and follow His instructions. I purposely make the time to talk with my Lord each day. As my relationship with Him grows, so does my strength, faith, courage, etc. 

For my physical health, I workout daily and eat as many whole foods as possible. I notice how certain foods, like sugar, make me feel and I try to stay away from the ones that make me feel bad. The better I eat, the better I feel. God gave us tons of foods to enjoy. It the ones that man created in a laboratory that we need to avoid. 

My mental health is also very important to me. I’ve battled depression many times. It is so hard to overcome. Exercise helps me with this so much. The endorphins released during and after exercise helps me to not only feel better immediately, but it helps me to put certain situations into perspective. I also read encouraging books and meditate. 

Taking control of my own health was one of the greatest things that I have ever done for myself. Give yourself that gift for the upcoming year. I promise you will never regret changing your life for the better. 

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Love and blessings,


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