Let it Go

Are you your own worst enemy or your best friend? I think sometimes we forget we have a choice. We can be an inspiration to our own life and rise higher than we dreamed possible. Or we can handicap our lives with negative thoughts and emotions and paralyze our own dreams.

Did you know you believe whatever you tell yourself? If “can’t” is always monopolized in your vocabulary, thoughts and feelings, then you are destined for failure. You may occasionally surprise yourself and rise above your challenges, but for the most part you will allow the negative thoughts to destroy you.

I think that is why I was independent as a child. I wouldn’t allow my mom to do things for me. I learned to do whatever I needed to do and I didn’t stop until I figured it out. Why? Because I didn’t know my hands weren’t supposed to do it. There were no negative thoughts to combat. Only obstacles I wanted to overcome and enough stubbornness and sheer will to make it happen.

What if I had understood the limitations the world placed on me the day I was born? What if I had believed their prognosis for my life? I can guarantee you I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

God blessed me with an amazing ability to persevere. He gave me a desire to prove them wrong. He would push me to my limits and then always show me how to overcome them. And He’s still pushing me and showing me my capabilities today.

Sometimes we just have to let go of everything we have been told and our constricting beliefs about certain situations and TRY. Life is filled with challenges and obstacles to overcome. And the only way to overcome them is through faith and effort.

Don’t settle for the life you’ve been given, but strive to live the life you want. Don’t allow others to take away your hope. Don’t allow negative thoughts and bad situations to break you. Don’t allow the pessimism of others to dominate your life. Don’t allow your fears to hold you back.

When I was writing Zippy and the Stripes of Courage, I listened to what everyone told me and I allowed their opinions to hold me back. It was the same way with Underneath the Scars. The world always has an opinion about everything and if we constantly listen to their rules and regulations, no one would ever succeed. Plus you have to be careful because sometimes their critique of you and your life stems from jealousy, instead of knowledge. However, when I pushed aside everything I had been told and wrote my books from my heart, it worked.

Sometimes you just have to write and allow the story to come out. There are times when I start writing that I wonder where in the world I’m going with it, but if I keep writing and stop trying to reason every word, then I allow the depth of it to come out and God to shine through.  

Just remember we all get knocked down. The key is to keep getting back up—immediately. Don’t wallow in self-pity. We all get rejected and go through hard times. Instead of looking at it failures, just see it as another step in God’s plan.

God wants us to ask Him for help and give our burdens to Him. Then He wants us to let it go—and not dwell on it any longer. We don’t go through trials and tribulations to break us, but to show us all things are possible through God.

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