Drawing A Line In the Sand

Have you ever had a moment that changed your life? One moment that triggered something inside of you and made you want to change something about your life? 

I’ve had several of these moments through out my life. None of them have been pleasant. Usually, I’m heartbroken and defeated by the time that I get to the place where I want to change.   But once I decide to change, the change happens immediately. It’s not the change that is so difficult, but the desire to remain the same that causes our heartache. 

We love routines, comfort zones, and knowing what to expect. It is the uncertainty that causes us discomfort. We all hate to feel vulnerable, unsure, and afraid. What we don’t understand, however, is that when we remain the same, we are still making a choice. Usually, it’s just the wrong choice for us. 

So how do we move forward? By deciding right now that we will not accept our previous behavior any longer. When we raise our standards for our life, our life will change—immediately. 

I vividly remember the day I ripped my favorite jeans. As I burst into tears, I vowed to myself that I would never again utter the words “I don’t care” in reference to my health. That day, I decided to change my eating habits and I have never looked back. 

It was the same way with my scars. The day that I accepted them, wholeheartedly, they no longer had the power to hurt me again. I stopped crying, stopped having pity parties, and stopped wishing them away. 

For so long the fear of becoming disabled loomed over me. Every time my health would decline, the fear of not being able to work any longer burdened me. But one day, I had to make that choice. Once I decided to fight for my life, that I would do whatever it took to live the life of my dreams, I haven’t worried about it any longer. 

It’s a beautiful gift when we reach that place of discomfort and are forced to make a decision. Otherwise we would always remain the same. 

And it’s such a blessing when we can follow the voice of our Lord and do what He wants us to do. That is when we really start living. 

Love and blessings,


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