Curve Balls

Last night I made a to-do list, and worked on my mindset to be productive today. I’m trying to be more schedule-oriented since my chores constantly expand. Once I get comfortable with my life, something changes and makes me reevaluate it all.

My career is moving with leaps and bounds. I’m so amazed and thankful for all of the new opportunities God has given me. He has opened doors for me that I never considered, and made ways for me in places that appeared hopeless. He has blessed me tremendously with what I like to call once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and yet they unsettle me.

Every day is filled with challenges and unknown circumstances. My fear is ever present in unknown situations. While it may turn out to be a wonderful experience, the first initial step out of my comfort zone is terrifying.

Yes, I want to advance my career. I don’t intend for my life to be filled with a huge list of regrets. Nor do I want to lie down on my God, and stop doing His work. Balance is what I need. And that comes from God.

God is always in control. Regardless of how unsettled I feel, God is steady and strong. If I were always in control, then I wouldn’t need God. I would forget to pray, read my Bible, and listen for His instructions. I would take pride in completing each task and never look up with a thankful heart. As it is, I know where my help comes from. I experience the terror in my heart with each new challenge, and realize the exact moment when God steps in and speaks peace to my soul.

The enemy loves to overwhelm me and torture my thoughts. When I’m overwhelmed each task, big or small, is too much for me to handle. My mind races and is unable to focus on the task at hand. And when I’m struggling physically, it all seems harder.  

Last week, I was in the bed for a few days. The pain was overpowering. I felt so defeated and worthless. Regardless of how strong and positive I try to be, those attacks leave me shaken, and remind me of the fragility of life.

God has given me the beautiful gift of life, and I don’t want to take a moment of it for granted. I desire to walk with my Lord, and continue on the path He has given me. It’s not all going to be sunshine and gentle breezes. Storms and heartaches will accompany us all at times.

We may not always understand our situation. For me lying there in pain was a horrible feeling. Now I can see that God was blessing me to pray and getting me ready for the next step. My tears were not void, they had a purpose.

I hope to never appear ungrateful for the wonderful opportunities and good things God gives me. Each step on my journey is important—the fear, heartache, uncertainty, faith and joy. It all teaches me how to live for God and do His work.

I’m so thankful that during my darkest hour, He blesses me with a spark of hope. Pictures of children holding my books, with smiles and love, certainly brighten my life and give me the strength to keep getting up—regardless of how many times I get knocked down. Each one touches my heart greatly.

To say I’m thankful doesn’t seem like enough. God has given me so much. I owe it all to Him. I’ve learned we can’t out give God. He is a wonderful paymaster!

He is kissing Zippy. So precious.
Just when I think it couldn’t possibly get any better—it does.

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Have a wonderful day and DREAM BIG!

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