Zippy’s Friend—Stefan

Stefanis a survivor of Amniotic Band Syndrome.

Candida: Did you like Zippy and his story?
Stefan: Yes
Candida: What was your favorite part?
Stefan: When he saved his friends.
Candida: Did it help you in some way?
Stefan: Yes
Candida: What is the biggest challenge you have overcome?
Stefan: Starting school and being teased because I am different.
Candida: What is the biggest challenge you still face?
Stefan: Not sure.
Candida: What advice would you give kids with differences or those afraid of having surgery?
Stefan: I have no advice on this as I haven’t had surgery yet.
Please help me pray for Stefan. It’s not easy being different and I hope God blesses everyone who meets him to see how wonderful he is. Thank you Stefan, for sharing your pictures and answering my questions! I truly enjoyed it. God bless you and your family.   

It is such a wonderful feeling to share Zippy and his story with kids! And I can’t even explain how God blesses me when I see a child holding my book, knowing Zippy gets to be a part of his day. I pray God blesses all children to know they are truly amazing—exactly as He made them.

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