Why We Should Research Ingredients

When I found myself so incredibly sick a few years ago, my doctor suggested that we look at my diet. What I found terrified me because I thought that I was eating healthy. Most of the labels even claimed that the food was “healthy”. When I looked beyond the labels, however, I discovered deadly chemicals lurking in my food and drinks. 

Aspartame was the one that terrified me the most. The side effects of it are astronomical. When I started looking at the labels, I discovered that it was in most of the food and drinks that I was consuming daily. Now I won’t consume any aspartame at all or Splenda (aka Sucralose). I feel like they were poisoning me. I had many of the symptoms associated with them.

Not only did it make me feel horrible, but it caused me to gain weight and made it so hard for me to lose weight. Every time I had a diet drink, I craved sugar for the rest of the day. The more sugar that I ate, the more that I wanted. It was a horrible cycle. 

If we want to be healthy and feel great, then we need to start looking at the labels on the food and drinks that we consume. Research each ingredient. If it’s not whole ingredients, made from the Earth, then don’t eat it. The less chemicals we put in our body, the better we will feel. 

One of the greatest things that we can do for ourselves is to research our foods and health conditions. See if there is a link between them. When I look at the facts, it makes it so much easier for me to not eat the foods with dangerous ingredients. 

Decide today that you are going to take control of your health. It will be one of the greatest gifts that you give yourself.

Here are a few articles on the dangers of aspartame:


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