Why I Write A Daily Blog

Writing this blog, consecutively for over 100 days, has been one of the hardest things that I have ever done. Regardless of how I feel physically, emotionally and mentally, I still sit down and try to capture my thoughts. Sometimes I feel as if I have nothing to give, but I still put forth an effort. Honestly, I don’t know what is inside of me that needs to come out until I sit down and pull it out.

So why do I do it? Why do I write a blog when I could be writing a book? 

I know how it feels to need help. As a little girl, I often cried and asked God to send me someone to help me through my challenges. I felt so alone. My troubles seemed so big and my mind couldn’t figure out a way to escape from the pain. As an adult, I have experienced the beauty of realizing that we are all the same. We all have thoughts of doubt, question our self-worth, feel as if we are not good enough, and struggle to find out purpose. As times, we all feel a little broken. 

If I could possibly help one person by sharing my journey, then I want to do it wholeheartedly. I want to shine a light and be of service to as many people as God will bless me to help. That is my heart’s desire. Yes, it’s hard to share my insecurities, fears, doubts, pain, trials and tribulations with others. But it is also hard for me to see other people suffer—especially, when I have experiences that might help them. 

It’s all comes down to one thing. My life is not just about me. If it was, I could just journal and keep all of my thoughts to myself, while still releasing them from my mind. God, however, wants me to share my journey. So, I do. Every day as I hover over the publish button, and my mind lists all the reasons I should just delete my post, my heart hopes that my words will reach the one person who needs to read them. And I hope that it helps them in some way.

Love and blessings, 


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