Why I Fix My Hair Every Day

I get comments all the time from people about my hair. Some of them are nice and some of them are not. We all have different thoughts, however, about various things. Just because we do things differently doesn’t make it right or wrong. So I’m going to explain why I fix my hair every day. Not because I feel that I need to explain it, but because I want to. 

For years I lived in a hole that I created for myself. My thoughts and daily actions continuously brought me down. I was always rushing from one moment to the next. My life was a constant struggle. On so many levels, I didn’t even like myself. And I didn’t do anything to take care of myself. Every day I felt as if I barely made it through the day. 

Lying in the bed for months, barely able to walk and consumed with pain, changed me. It helped me to get my priorities straight. My health and mindset are extremely important to me. So every day I do simple things for myself. I blog, exercise, meditate, read my Bible, drink superfoods, and fix my hair. Taking time to get ready every morning sets me up for a better day. It boosts my confidence and makes me feel better about myself. I also use that time to listen to a podcast, audiobook, trainings for my fitness business, or work on chapters for my next book in my head. It is a daily gift to myself. I enjoy the time and look forward to it every day. 

While this works for me, I know that we are all in different places in our life. Regardless, take a few minutes every single day to take care of you. Do something that makes you happy and something that makes you feel good about yourself. You deserve to feel great!

Love and blessings, 


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