We See Our Reflection In Others

Why is so easy for us to see the faults with others, and ignore our own? How often do we think, what is wrong with everyone else? In my own life, I have discovered that this is a dangerous mindset to acquire.

What we judge in others is what we judge in ourselves. Every time we judge someone else, we are really judging ourselves. So if we take the time to work on ourselves and fix the things wrong in our own life, then we will not be able to find fault in anyone else. How true is that? And yet, so hard to accept, embrace, and implement in our life. 

Judgement comes from our own pain and insecurities. I used to think that everyone was starring at my hands and thinking negatively about my scars because that’s how I felt about them. Once I accepted them, the thoughts of how other people perceived them never entered my mind. It was no longer important to me. 

We can free ourselves from the pain of judgement by dealing with our own problems and emotions. The devil tries to use our heartaches against us. If we are not careful, he will have us building walls so high that no one could ever possibly climb over them. When we turn to God, however, He will show us how to embrace love— instead of blocking it.

Love and prayers,


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