We Become What We Believe

We often complicate things, and make them so much harder than what they really are. Easy makes us uncomfortable. If it’s something big and profound, then our mind needs a grand explanation. Sometimes, however, the best explanation is often the simplest one. 

In order to have enough and be enough, we have to believe that we are good enough. The key word is believe. Once we believe, the power is unlimited.  

For years, I stood in my own way. I wrote in secret and wouldn’t share the beautiful gift that God had given me. It made me miserable. Not only because I was being disobedient to God, but because I was hiding my talent. My soul desired to share my gift, and my mind wanted to hide it. 

Finally, I had to make a decision. Bury it forever or use it. When I finally decided that I was good enough to write because God had given it to me to use for His honor and glory, then I was able to do His work. When I try to find my worth according to society’s standards, I still come up short. In someone else’s eyes, I am not good enough to write books or to share my story with an audience. But I’ve stopped measuring my worthiness by the standards of the world. 

When I sit down to write, if I measure my success based on likes, shares, book sales, or views then I could assume that I’m not good enough. However, if I measure it on the feelings of my heart and what I poured into the pages, then I find the worthiness in the gift. 

When we work in our gift, it feeds our soul. No amount of money could ever compare to the feeling that I have when God uses me to help someone else. It is a wonderful blessing to know that He is pleased with me. His approval is all that I need. When I find myself needing the approval of the world, then I just need to stop and pray. 

As long as I’m alive, I’m sure that I will struggle with the feelings of unworthiness. After all, those feelings are in the flesh. But when we look at it spiritually, we all have exactly what we need. When the devil starts putting us down and telling us how unworthy that we are, we just need to remind him of who’s child that we are. Our Father owns it all.  

Love and blessings, 


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