We Are Never Alone

Sometimes, as we go through our heartaches, we can feel alone. We can feel as if no one understands our problems. God, however, knows exactly where we are, what we are going through, and how to help us through each obstacle. 

It is such a blessing for me to know that my God understands it all. Nothing that may come up in my life will be a surprise to Him. The devil can’t catch God unaware. Nor can the enemy defeat my God. This same God that created the Universe created us. He is our Shepherd and He leads us along our life. 

When we are feeling alone, stressed, overwhelmed, and defeated, we need to spend more time with the Lord. He has grace for our every need. God can take the most difficult situation and fix it in a matter of minutes—if He choses to do so. We are the ones who make things complicated. To God, however, all problems are easy.

In my life, my biggest problem is my lack of faith. So often I think that I have to figure things out and try to do them on my own. When I take my problems, however, and give them to my Lord, wholeheartedly, then He works them out to my benefit. He makes it all look so easy because to Him it is, and He amazes me. I really love it when He amazes me. 

God works out of our sight. We can’t see what He is doing right now, at this very minute, to help us. When the time is right, and everything is ready, God will answer our prayers. He will always do what is best for us. Today might be tough. The battle we are in right now is preparing us for the joy coming. Hang in there! God has it all worked out.

Love and blessings, 


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