Warning: I Was Addicted. Are You?

How many times a day does your phone beep or buzz? Are you constantly distracted by what other people are doing? 

This happened to me. Regardless of what I was doing, my phone was always buzzing. It would break my concentration when I was working, and distract me from doing what needed to be done. It was the first thing I grabbed each morning and the last thing I checked each night. Instead of me using my phone to help me, my phone was using me. 

The realization made me mad. How had the addiction sneaked up on me? I didn’t intend to become addicted to my phone, but it happened anyway. So I decided to break my addiction. 

I deleted Facebook and messenger off of my phone. The constant beeping from the notifications was so distracting for me. While I do still check Facebook, I limit my time to a few minutes a day. Reading other people’s rants make me feel bad. It brings me down. Therefore, I scroll with caution. The moment I see anything that irritates me, I turn it off. I’m in control! It no longer controls me.

Social media has a way of pulling us in. If we are not careful, it will dictate our lives. While it can be fine in moderation, we have to be the ones who moderate our time. For the next few days, notice how you feel when you spend time on social media. That is what I did. The results surprised me. I asked myself these questions: Does it make you feel good? What else could you be doing with your time?

I have replaced my excess social media time with more writing time. I also use the time to read or paint. Not only do I accomplish more each day, but I also I feel more peaceful. In an effort to connect with more people, I don’t want to disconnect from myself or my loved ones. 

Every once in a while, it is good for us to take some time to reflect on our lives. During that time, we need to be honest with ourselves. I like to ask myself this question: Are you where you want to be in your life? If my answer is no, then I evaluate why. I want to live my life as if I will have to give an account for it one day. My time is a precious gift from God, and I want to use it that way. 

Love and blessings, 


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