The Secret To Happiness

Most of the times, we make finding and enjoying happiness complicated. We make it so much harder than it actually is. Happiness is attainable for us all. First, we have to define our definition of happiness. 

For so many, it’s complicated—with never ending restrictions. I know this because I used to put limitations on my own. I would think, if only this would happen then I would finally be happy. When the great event happened, however, I didn’t take the time to enjoy the moment or even feel the joy. I just added on another restriction and continued to chase something that I would never be able to attain. During my pursuit of happiness, I discovered something so powerful that I want to share with you. 

Happiness is not an event or a person. It is not a material thing, success, nor money. It is not a formula or a long list of restrictions. For me, it is gratitude. When I find the feeling of gratitude, then I find the joy. I don’t make it complicated, nor take it out of my own control. I don’t put my ability to be joyful in someone else’s hands. 

Every day I look for things to be thankful for. I take a moment to enjoy the sunrise and sunset, and give as many smiles and hugs as I can in one day. If I can’t be happy with what already have, then I wouldn’t be happy with more. I love finding the joy in simple things. When we remove the unnecessary limitations and expectations from our lives, then we open our hearts to receive more. 

Love and blessings, 


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