The Power Of Our Story

The Bible is filled with stories. God gave examples of how we should live our lives. We remember stories. When we hear what someone else went through, and how they overcame it, then it gives us hope for our own lives. 

Even though I am an author, blogger, speaker, I am first a storyteller. I love to tell how God works in my life. Sometimes He truly amazes me. I can take things and make them so complicated, by my Lord makes things simple. When I’m trying to so hard to do something and it  just seems so hard, then I have learned to seek guidance from my Lord. 

When I first started writing, I tried to write like other people. In trying to create something magnificent, I made it so hard on myself. Instead of embracing my gift, I tried to recreate it. My writing is different. Most often times it is emotional, raw, and vulnerable.

It takes all aspects of the story to make it beautiful. If we only skip to the blessing and leave out the hardship, then we take away the power of the story. Some of my favorite stories in the Bible are the ones of overcoming. I love the story of the three Hebrew children and the fiery furnace. While they were cast in the midst of the fiery furnace, not one hair on their head was singed and they didn’t even smell like smoke. That is powerful!

God has given me my own powerful stories. Living with Amniotic Band Syndrome has not been easy. I have endured many hardships, but my Lord has helped me to overcome every single one of them. Not only has he helped me to overcome my scars and the hardships they cause me, but He has helped me to embrace them with a grateful heart. 

Do you know someone who needs a speaker for an event or who would benefit from hearing my story of overcoming? In a world filled with heartache and tragedy, we all need hope. Sometimes all we need to change is our perspective on our situation. 

Love and blessings, 


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