The Power Of Love And Prayers

The ability to love is one of the greatest gifts known to man. We have the power to change the world with our love and prayers. If only we would try. So often we get caught up in hatred, and the bickering and fighting of the world. We listen to the news and hear only a fraction of what is happening in the world. The portrait, however, they paint for us is tainted because they always focus on the negativity. How often do you watch the news and think, what a wonderful, kind, loving, and compassionate world we live in? Probably never, because they don’t highlight the good.

I once attended a meeting and wrote an article about it. After the article was published, I got complaints on it. When all the information was listed, I picked out the good and wrote about it. Someone who was trying to make trouble got very upset because I did not showcase the bad. In all honesty, my mind doesn’t work that way. I have been conditioned for so long to focus on the good that I couldn’t write an article about doom and gloom—when there was something good to report as well. However, if I had only showcased the ugly part of the meeting, I guarantee that nothing would have been said. 

My point is this, we welcome more of what we focus on into our lives. If we only focus on the bad, then we will believe that the world we live in is horrible—without hope. However, I beg to differ. We have love. Starting today, we can be the change that we wish to see in the world. If we want to see more love, we need to give more love. If we want to see more kindness, we need to be kind to everyone that we meet. If we want to see more compassion, we need to be more compassionate. It’s really that simple. We make it hard, by believing that it’s not possible. 

God gave us all the ability to pray. Our voice is the most powerful, when it’s humble and loving.When we put God first in our lives and start praying for our neighbors and our country, then the Lord will bless us.

Love and blessings, 


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