The Power Of Hope

What makes people fight against insurmountable odds? How do they find the strength to battle various diseases, go through treatments, surgeries, overcome hardships, and still remain faithful to God? The answer is simple and yet powerful. Hope gives us strength and helps us to focus on the outcome we desire. When we have hope, we are looking to a power bigger than ourselves. 

God, in His magnificent glory, is all powerful. In an instant, He can fix our problems. After all, He spoke the world into existence. Even if we don’t find healing on this Earth, we have a promise of a better day with Him. Eternity with God will be free of all pain, hardships, sickness, disease, etc. So even if we can’t overcome the infirmities of this world, we know that there is a better day waiting for us. Glimpses of Heaven, through God’s word and His spirit, help us to keep moving forward. 

Through the darkest times of my life, God always gives me a glimpse of a better day. When my legs were numb and walking was extremely hard, God gave me visions of our past accomplishments, and even showed me where we going in the future. Those visions helped me to make it through the difficult moments. Even when life was extremely hard, I had hope of a better day. After my hand surgery, when the pain made me sick and overwhelmed me, I closed my eyes and envisioned my new thumb and all of the things that I would be able to do with it. 

Some moments are so hard to even get through, but as long as we have hope then we can get through the really tough times. It’s when we replace our hope with fear that we are defeated. Whatever we are going through, we need to lift our eyes toward the high hills which cometh our help. God has grace for our every need. He knows the reason for our trial and the outcome. He can help us with our EVERY problem. Just because our situation seems hopeless doesn’t mean that it is. Especially when God is our hope. 

When the enemy tries to convince us that we are defeated, we need to remember the power of our God. The same God who parted the Red Sea for Moses and the children of Israel, appeared in the fiery furnace and protected the Hebrew children, delivered Daniel from the Lion’s Den, and carried our sins to Calvary is our God. 

Have a wonderful day!

Love and blessings, 


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