The Plan

I snoozed!

With my hectic schedule and a twelve hour day at best, I decided at 5:15 a.m. that I deserved to lie down for a few more minutes, while my coffee brewed. My few more minutes turned into an hour and when I finally drug myself out of bed, I felt overwhelmed and extremely late. As I poured my coffee and sipped, I tried to get back on schedule and figure out how to fix my day—already an hour behind.

And then, it all fell apart.

My husband couldn’t find his keys. Well, he knew exactly where they were, but getting to them was another story. So I had to throw on clothes, resort to the wonderful art of a ponytail, and take him to work. I could feel the stress bubbling inside me. After a thirty minute drive to and from his work, I was really late. Not to mention, I would have to repeat the process this evening. This wasn’t on my schedule. I didn’t have time for this. And then everything I normally do, turned into a challenge. My usual trip to the post office, turned into a lengthy event and a second trip (which remind you, I didn’t have time for). I felt as if someone had taken an eraser and messed up my carefully planned day.

On the race against the clock, a woman stopped me on my way home. I didn’t have time to stop, but she seemed desperate. She needed a phone so I got out my cell phone, trying to prepare myself for her tragic story. As I sat in the middle of the road, she informed me that the senior bus was late and asked if I could call the office for her. So, I did. Why? Because it was important to her and it made her smile for me to help her.

I wanted to cry and, while I was at it, throw myself into the floor with a temper tantrum. However, I did neither. I smiled and realized sometimes in life we experience tests. We are given opportunities to see if we have grown as a person. To see if we can make the most out of a stressful situation and still find the positive, bright side to it all.

And my answer is yes!

Sometimes in life we have a carefully planned agenda, but there will always be obstacles and challenges to intervene. We have two choices. We can either A) cry or throw a temper tantrum, ruining everyone’s day we meet or B) take it one moment at a time, thankful God blesses us with them all. They are all important!

As I think back now, what was on my list that was so important anyway? Yes, I have work to do, but I have all day to do it. And if I can’t get it all done today, then I hope God blesses me with the opportunity to try again tomorrow.

I don’t ever want to be so busy that I can’t take the time to show someone the love and kindness in my heart. I don’t ever want to be so busy that I can’t take the time to pray or help someone in need. Every moment I am blessed to live is a gift from God and I want to stop, every now and then, and give Him a few moments of my time.

Life is so precious. It’s like a vapor—gone in an instant. I don’t know when that day will be for me. I don’t know when God has recorded on His schedule to come and get me. However, I made preparations a long time ago. I’m ready whenever my Master calls.

And I’m so thankful in the midst of chaos and confusion, God gives me peace. I’m so thankful that when challenges arise, sometimes in an instant, my God is always there. He knew as I was filling in the events and times on my planner, it wouldn’t work out the way I had planned. And He showed me that sometimes we have to be willing to change our plans for others.

There is comfort for me in knowing that God’s plans never change. He is always prepared for whatever comes our way. He knows exactly what we need, in every situation. Sometimes He takes our control away, to show us He is in control of it all. His plans are so much greater than mine.

I am so thankful I serve a God who does what is best for me and takes the time to teach me His ways.

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