The Gift Of Today

Today, with all of its grandeur and glory will never come again. It is a gift. When we open our eyes to a new day, it is another chance and opportunity for us to reach our full potential and serve our Lord. God gave us this day for a reason. What will you do with your gift of today?

Every morning, as we begin our day, we need to pause and ask God to help us do what needs to be done on this day, and live according to His will. So often we get into a habit of just barely making it through our day. We get to the point where we are only tolerating life, but we aren’t really living. This is such a heartbreaking state to be in. The devil usually leads us to this place of misery, one thought at a time. 

He is the one who tells us to sleep in on Sunday mornings. After all, missing one Sunday of church isn’t that big of a deal. The problem is that we every Sunday that we miss, we become weaker. After a while, we don’t even try to fight the devil anymore. We just do whatever he tells us to do. 

We need to constantly watch and pray. The most important thing for me to do on Sundays, is take my children to church. I love feeling the presence of my Lord, and being surrounded by the church. God is love and it restores my strength to feel His love surrounding me. He knows what I need and what I’m going through. In some way, He always gives me exactly what I need. Some Sundays I walk through the doors feeling down and defeated, but by the time I leave I am strengthened and revived. 

The closer I get to my Lord, the more that I enjoy my life. He makes every part of my life better. He has grace for our every need. And He always loves us unconditionally. Even when we mess up, He is there with outstretched arms to forgive us and welcome us home. 

Love and blessings, 


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