The Battle Is Not Yours, But God’s

The enemy would love to destroy us all. He certainly tries, at every opportunity, to cause us pain and make us want to give up. Even when he devises a plan against us and attacks us, he has limited control over us. God can turn his attack into a victory for us. We need to always remember that we have favor with the Lord, and the battle is His.

Last night and today, I have thought about how far my Lord has brought me and how He has helped me. When I remembered what my life used to be like verses where I am today, tears of gratitude filled my heart. I used to wake up every morning in pain. I remember the days of lying on ice packs at 5 a.m. just to be able to control the pain enough to get ready for work. All the times that I fell in floor and laid there in pain, physically and mentally, trying to find the courage and strength to fight my way back up. So many times, I cried on the way to work and coming back home. I have prayed through so many hours and days, and often wondered how I would make it through the day. Through my darkest days, God always gave me exactly what I needed, when I needed it. 

At the time though, it was hard for me to see that He was working it all out for me. During the extremely painful moments, I sometimes wondered where God was and why He wouldn’t answer my prayers. I’d love to be able to tell you that I went through each struggle with strength and unwavering faith, but I didn’t. Sometimes I was afraid and I felt so small and weak. During those times, God understood my tears and the groaning of my heart.

My whole life I had been told by doctor after doctor that nothing could be done for my scars. Even though my mind believed them, my heart still had hope. The reason I know that I still had hope was because I was still praying and asking God to help me. In one moment, God changed everything. He led me to the treatment that has healed, and continues to heal my scars, and the surgeon who gave me a thumb. And it all happened at the appropriate time. 

During our trails, the devil wants us to give up because he knows that he can’t defeat us. He knows that we have favor with God. In one moment, God can overcome and conquer devil. Don’t give up. God has a solution for your problem. Our Lord has grace for our every need. 

Love and blessings, 


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