Stop! Just Stop!

Why do we feel the need to hurt other people? This is something that I may never understand. It breaks my heart to cause pain to someone else. So often we forget that our words and actions cause scars. We might say something in a joking matter and it might not seem significant to us, but to the person receiving the criticism it might be devastating. 

Teasing and bullying are a real problem. Every time that I do a school visit or sit with someone who has suffered from the attacks, it breaks my heart. Especially when the good natured, kind person starts to change. This happens so often. 

We have to figure out a way to help these children. Body shaming is a real issue. Kids are being bullied for being overweight and they are also bullied for being underweight, being too smart and not smart enough. When they are already self-conscious about it, then it just makes the bully’s voice stronger and louder. In all reality, even if the child appeared to be perfect, her or she would be bullied for that as well. 

As adults we need to be the example. Our children are watching and listening. They see how we treat other people and hear what we say about others. In so many ways, they mimic us. We need to make sure that we are setting a good example for them. 

When we see a troubled person, we need to remember that something caused him or her to be troubled. Something or someone caused their heartache. Instead of labeling them or shunning them, we need to show them love and kindness. If we wish them well in our heart and ask God to help them, I believe that they will feel it, and God will help them. If words have the power to harm, they also have the power to heal. We need to remember that one person can make a difference. 

What if we all committed to respond with love, in every situation to every person. Can you image the kind of difference that we could make? We might not be able to change the world, but we could certainly change the little part of the world that we live in. 

Love and blessings, 


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