Some Days Are Harder Than Others

If I could sum up my day yesterday in one sentence it would be: My day did not go as planned. Right away, I got sucked into reaction mode. Things happened and I reacted. All day long. By eight o’clock I was exhausted. I tried to read and work on my project, but my energy was depleted and my ability to focus was gone. So I went to bed and decided to try again tomorrow. 

This morning, as I recap yesterday, I want to figure out why I felt so overwhelmed. Several times yesterday, I wanted to cry. I ended up accidentally burning my hand, my arm, cutting my finger and my wrist. All at different times. I skipped lunch (not intentionally) and just felt as if everything had to be done at once. Bingo. There was my problem. What I should have done was sit down and make a list of everything that had to be done. Then, I could have prioritized, worked from my list, and asked for help. Instead, I created a crazy storm of chaos for myself. 

I should have practiced the pause and asked God to help me, instead of trying to handle it all myself. Yesterday, during my Bible reading, I read this verse. 

James 4:7 KJV
Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Only I didn’t. I played right into the devil’s hand. While I can’t do anything about yesterday, I can try to do better today. This moment is all we have anyway. I want to use this moment to seek peace and pursue it all day. 

So today I am going to do the things that I wish I would have done yesterday. I’m also going to give myself some grace, as I would a friend. I’m going to remind myself that yesterday was a very difficult day. Given the circumstances, I did the best that I could do in each moment. 

Now, I am moving on. It happened. It’s over. I will not waste today reliving yesterday. 

Love and blessings, 


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