My Laser Therapy Thoughts

Yesterday, I received my first laser treatment for the scar on my arm, and my hands. Laser treatment reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing. For years, I have received ultrasound therapy on my hands. It helps keep the inflammation and pain under control for me. The only problem with ultrasound therapy is that it doesn’t get into my fingers. Especially the ones that are joined. This morning, I am sore in my fingers from the laser treatment—and I’m so excited about it. I believe once the soreness subsides, my hands will feel so much better. 

The scar around my upper arm causes me lots of pain. It cuts into my bicep and tricep and affects my shoulder. The scar even goes under my arm. I was hopeful that surgery would be an option for me, but it’s not. The surgeon told me if he could have operated on me as a baby, it would have worked. But as an adult, I have too much damage to my muscles. Massage therapy has helped. For the last year, my massage therapists has worked to stretch the scar for me and break up some of the scar tissue. While it has helped, the progress has plateaued. I was starting to lose hope that anything would help my scar, when Dr. Foster mentioned the laser therapy to me. 

After my first treatment, the scar itched and it had odd sensations. However, I can feel the tight muscles relaxing. This morning it is tender. It reminds me of how it used to feel after my massages. I am hopeful, it will continue the healing process for me. While the therapy was only on my scar, I felt sensations in my shoulder, muscles in my neck,  and the rib (which causes me so much trouble)— this gives me hope. All along, I have suspected that the scar is responsible for my neck, shoulder, and rib pain. So I believe if the therapy works on my scar it will alleviate some, if not all, of the pain in shoulder, neck, and rib. How amazing would that be?

Since my condition is chronic it may take several treatments for me to feel better, but I am incredibly hopeful that it will help. Today, I will talk to my doctor about how I feel and we will go from there. I wanted to share this information with you and my journey because laser therapy is good for so many things. 

  • Acute injuries, such as strains, sprains, and shoulder injuries
  • Repetitive-use injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Traumatic injuries, such as post-motor vehicle accident with cervical strain/sprain
  • Chronic issues such as frozen shoulder and arthritis
  • Just about any issue involving inflammation, tissue damage and/or pain, including but not limited to migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, Bell’s palsy, De Quervain’s syndrome, shingles, low back pain, iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS), and plantar fasciitis. 
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