Make Each Day Count

Some people live with the memories of a beautiful life and some live with the deep pain of regret. One of the saddest things to witness in a person’s eyes is the pain of regret. I once had a conversation with a woman who was confined to a wheelchair, nearing the end of her life. She told me, as she stared wistfully outside, that she regretted not running more when she had had the chance. She wished that she would have enjoyed her life more. When she looked up at me and said, “You can’t get the time back” it made me really think about my life. 

I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that the time to follow my dreams and make a difference in the world is gone. While I’m still breathing, I want to dream and work toward making all my dreams come true. Life is so short. It is like a vapor. We are young one moment and old the next. 

Time is a beautiful resource. We all get the same exact hours in every day. God gives us the freedom to decide how we will use our hours. Every day we get to decide if we want to use our precious time to serve others or waste it on things that don’t really matter.

The choices that we make every day will determine our future. Life is made up of little things, and it’s the little things that will either move us forward or hold us back. I’m so guilty of wasting my day. I hate going to bed at night without accomplishing anything. Each day is a gift and I desire to live each day intentionally. I would rather go to bed each night exhausted and drained than with a multitude of regrets. 

So how can we prevent this from happening to us?

  1. Schedule the day. 
  2. Be intentional about each day. Make it count. 
  3. Serve others. Make a difference in someone else’s day.
  4. Live joyfully. Slow down and enjoy each moment. Laugh more. Love deeper. Be grateful.
  5. Ask God for guidance.

We should all strive to be the person that God created us to be. If we show up every day and ask God to guide us, then we will live an inspired life. 

Love and blessings, 


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