Let’s Do Something

We have no idea what other people go through. Just by looking at them, it’s impossible to know what they’ve experienced or endured. We often judge others based on their actions, instead of looking deeper and glimpsing into their soul. The troubled child needs love. He or she needs to know that someone cares. So often we walk right by someone without smiling or offering them our kindness. But what would our kindness mean to them? 

Have you ever had someone change the course of your day by showing you kindness? A beautiful thing happens when someone extends their kindness to us. It goes beyond our barriers and speaks to our soul. 

Today, I challenge you to be kind. Our children are watching us. Send a message to someone who is struggling. Open a door for a stranger. Smile at everyone. We are all fighting a battle, others know nothing about. When I focus on how I can help other people, suddenly my own problems don’t seem as big. 

Make it your mission to change your world. When we truly set out to make a difference for others, a beautiful thing happens to us. The first world that we change is ours. We can’t be kind and smile all day long without it affecting us in a positive way. As we start our day, let’s ask God what He would have us to do. And then do it with all of our hearts. So often the change is not in the big things that we do, but it is in the small things we do consistently. 

Love and blessings, 


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