Laser Therapy: After Four Treatments Arm Pain Decreases

Finally, I feel like the laser therapy has helped my arm. It has been a tough few weeks, but after a massage yesterday, and another laser therapy treatment, the pain and swelling were better this morning. Praise God!
The bruising is from the cup massage. Also this is a picture from a few months ago. I just wanted you to be able to see the scar and how it goes under my arm. 
Usually, the day after my massage is very painful, however, the soreness and stiffness are minimal today. My arm also feels different. The gap, caused from the band, doesn’t feel as deep, and the skin appears to be smoother as well. The constriction of the band no longer feels as if it is cutting off my circulation, so the numbness is gone. And my hand and arm are not weak today. Hallelujah! 

My left thumb is a little sore today and very stiff. I am hoping that this is another degree of healing. The phantom pain has still not returned. So I’m hopeful that the nerve healed and will not be bothering me any longer. Also my sensitivity to heat in the left hand, especially the thumb, is better. After my surgery, I couldn’t stand to wash my hands in warm water or remove clothes from the dryer. The heat caused my hand to hurt. 

With every treatment, I notice progress. As long as we are making progress, then there is hope. 

 Love and blessings, 


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