Knowledge (Followed By Action) Is Power

At some point, we have all found ourselves in uncomfortable situations. When the problem seemed so big to us, and the solution was unknown. The more we learn about our condition or situation, however, the better equipped we will be to help ourselves through the hard times. 

When my health problems first started, I researched them continuously. Even when I was told by several doctors that I wouldn’t get better. I refused to believe the bleak prognosis. While it would make me sad for days or sometimes weeks. God would always give me the desire to get out of my bed and search for a solution to my problem.

Once I started researching possible solutions, it immediately helped me because I felt as if I had some control over the situation. It’s the hopeless and helplessness that is so hard to deal with. Over the years, I have learned that my health and wellness begin with me. It is determined by my actions, decisions, and beliefs. 

When we research whatever we are struggling with, we give ourselves the knowledge and opportunity to overcome the hardship.

Today, I encourage you to research whatever is bothering you. At our fingertips is a wealth of knowledge, and testimonials of people who have already overcome the problem we are struggling with now. If we find out what they did, and do the same thing, we can overcome it, too. 

Love and blessings, 


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