How I Overcame Depression

When we first encounter any type of hardship, it can seem devastating and overwhelming. All we can see is the problem. In our minds, we immediately create limiting beliefs. As in, I’ll never be able to overcome this. This is where our faith comes into play. If we believe, wholeheartedly that God will help us, then He will. It may not be exactly what we want, but God always does what is best for us. Our struggles are not meant to destroy us. They are designed to mold us into a stronger vessel for the Lord. 

I remember when I was so depressed. My life felt like it was falling apart and I didn’t know how to deal with it all. It was all that I could do each day just to get out of bed. I cried every day. Until my eyes were swollen and I could barely breathe. When my family was asleep, I sat outside in the darkness and cried. I took medication that only helped me to get through the day. It didn’t make me feel better. It only numbed my pain for a little while. When the medicine wore off, however, the pain returned. 

My thoughts were always sad. I felt like a victim of my life and my circumstances. In my mind, it would never get better because my scars would never go away. They caused me pain—emotionally and physically. My feelings about them were negative. I was ashamed of them, so I constantly felt the need to hide them. I was always looking for the stares and listening for the whispers. 

But one day, my life totally changed. When I realized that I could have died because of the amniotic bands, but God spared me, my whole life changed. With one thought, I transformed from a victim to a survivor. My tears of self-pity were replaced by tears of gratitude. My whole life, the devil had pointed out my flaws, and magnified my heartaches and weaknesses. But in one instant, God helped me to see a different story about my birth and my life. 

Now I don’t cry about my scars, nor take any medication. When I notice someone starring at me, I smile. I no longer hide my scars. I want the world to see them and know that I SURVIVED. When I hear the whispers, I take that as an opportunity to share my story with them. 

My situation did not change. But my thoughts about my situation changed. Sometimes all that we need is a new perspective. What is the story that the devil is telling you? Interrupt the negative thoughts. Change your story, and you will change your life. 

Love and blessings, 


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