How are you so motivated?

I get this question a lot. So I decided to take some time to answer it honestly.

Lying in bed for almost a year with severe pain broke me. Doctor after doctor told me I would not get better, which devastated me. I cried day and night for a while. I dreamed of running, playing with my kids, and living again.

I told God that if He healed me, I would tell everyone it was Him and do my best to help others and give them hope.

God did His part. He healed me. The horrible pain I lived with for years is gone. So I wake up every day to do my part. I don’t want only to tell others what God did for me. I want to show them as well.

Every day that I open my eyes is God’s gift to me. What I do with my day is my gift to Him. So I do those things I begged Him to let me do again.

I want to show my kids what is possible. I want to help other people learn how to overcome their pain and hardships.

I feel like God gave me another chance. I’ve not been the same since I felt broken, but God helped me put the pieces of my life back together again. When I run, I feel so strong. I feel like it is such a blessing from God.

I hope never to forget where I was and where He brought me from. Some days I cry through my workouts because I am so grateful. When I lift heavier weights, I praise my Lord. When I run or walk, I praise Him. He’s so good to me. I spend time with Him while I’m working out.

Outside things don’t motivate me.

I love how it feels to walk and talk to Him. I love how it feels to conquer my fears and chase my dreams. It’s not only accomplishing the goal that I love. It’s the progress I make. I love the process of it all. I love becoming a better version of myself.

I am the clay, and God is the potter. Every day I show up and let Him work on me. I also never forget that we are in battle. The enemy is trying to destroy me. I never know when the enemy will attack me again, so I want to be ready and put up a good fight. Someone recently asked me what I was training for because I work so hard at the gym. My answer is life. I’m preparing for life and whatever comes my way.


Have a wonderful day!

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