Honoring The Struggle

As I sit here with a headache and my rib out of alignment, I’d like nothing better than for the Lord to remove my struggles and heal me from this pain. I didn’t sleep well last night, at 3:00 a.m., I was foam rolling and trying to get some relief. I was also praying for others, who are struggling as well. I love it when God blesses me to turn my suffering into joy. 

The struggle has a purpose. So often I fight against it, instead of asking the Lord what He wants me to learn from it. If I overcome my pain, in any situation, then I can help other people overcome a similar situation. When we share our stories of hardship, and immediately follow up with a story of how God blessed us to overcome it, then it gives others hope. And hope is a beautiful thing for a troubled soul.

Yesterday, I did lots of crying and praising my Lord. He blessed me to remember how my life used to be. At one point, my absolute weakest point, my hope was only a tiny glimmer. But I clung to that little spark of hope as if it was my life line. Deep inside of me, I knew that God would help me. I did not know that a broken elbow would be the answer to my prayer. Through all the sleepless nights and prayers, I had no idea that God was working it out for me. He took my struggle and blessed it to benefit me. I got a thumb out of that struggle. 

Whatever your struggle, trust God to see you through it. He can make a way, when it appears that there is no way. He can take our heartaches and turn them into blessings. In the meantime, honor the struggle. Embrace it and learn everything that you can from it. It was during my hardships that I have obtained wisdom, patience, strength, compassion and the beautiful gift to help and inspire others. 

Love and blessings, 


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