Help Is On The Way

We all go through moments of uncertainty and fear. When we are facing a Goliath in our life, we sometimes feel alone. During these times, we need to remember that God loves us and He will help us, just as He helped David and so many others. 

Right now my heart is heavy. I have so many friends who are battling illness and going through different hardships. While the enemy always tries to paint us a picture of hopelessness, God is our hope. He has a solution for our every problem. He is there for each and every one. We are never alone. 

During our hardships, we have two choices. We can either a.) get made at God and turn away from Him, or b.) cling to Him and get just as close as we can get to Him. He understands our tears. He knows our situation. And He has a solution to our every problem. We just need to spend time with Him and talk things over with Him. After my surgery, when the pain was intense and my body was reacting from the medicine, I could feel His presence. When every one else was asleep, He was awake and with me. He never left my side. It is during the really hard times that we get to see how much He loves us. Our Lord can comfort us like no other. He can calm us and give us peace during the storm. We serve a mighty God, and He is always right on time. 

And, sometimes, we just need to put our life and our hardships into perspective. The devil tries to magnify everything. He wants us to get down and to believe the worst. God can change things in an instant. We just have to trust Him to take care of it all. 

Sometimes, if I am really struggling with my mindset, I ask Him to give me the right perspective to get through my hardships. In one moment, God can take a very difficult situation and turn it into a blessing—just by helping us obtain a new mindset. The things of this life really doesn’t matter anyway. Our relationship with God is all that will matter in the end. When we put Him first in our life, then He will help us with everything else. 

Love and blessings, 


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