Happy Mother’s Day

We all have a story about the glorious day(s) that changed our lives. It’s one we don’t forget. At any given moment, we could all recall with surprising detail every moment of the day we had our child(ren). The first glimpse, the first kiss, the first smile, the first feeding, etc. 

One of my favorite stories is the one my Mom tells me about the day I was born. The moment I was born the doctors rushed me away. They wouldn’t allow my mom to hold me. Later the doctor came in and told her about my scars. When they brought me in I was wrapped up so that my scars were hidden. Mom said she looked at my face and apologized to me. She was afraid to uncover me and see the damage that the doctor had told her about. Then the Lord intervened. I removed my hands, bound by the blanket, and placed them on her face. She said she knew in that moment that we would be just fine, and God would give us both what we needed to overcome the challenges and get through the hard times. 

When we have our children we have no idea what we will have to endure. At first we lose sleep because they need to eat, and then we lose sleep because they haven’t made it home yet. When our kids are little they are on our heels, later on as they grow up and start facing the challenges of the world, they are on our heart. While parenting is the hardest job in the world, it is also the most rewarding. 

Every day I am so grateful that God chose me to raise my children, and that He helps me every step of the way. I still have no idea what I am doing at times, but I’m so thankful for the grace and love and guidance of my God. He knows how to handle the situations beyond my understanding. He always knows what is best. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and blessings, 


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