God Works Out Of Our Sight

God is amazing! At any given moment, He could be arranging hundreds of things to our benefit. Our problem is we can’t always see Him working in our lives, so we assume that we are alone and He has forgotten about our problem. If we only knew the times that He guides us and protects us along our journey, then our faith would be so much greater. 

I worry about things beyond my control and forget to give my Lord credit for the amazing things He does for me daily. He woke me up this morning, this day is a gift, the breath that just entered my lungs is priceless. My Lord spoke the world into existence, and yet I am fearful of small things. He already knows my journey. He knows the desires of my heart, and He loves me unconditionally. 

Worry and fear are of the devil. My Lord doesn’t want me to live my life in misery. He wants me to find joy in each moment and to be content in whatever state that He blesses me to be in. Every state is important and necessary for my journey. So often we try yo rush through the hard times, but every once in a while, we just need to pause and absorb the lesson. The struggles are gifts as well. 

One day, this trial that I am in right now will be over, and I will be so grateful for the beautiful gifts that it brought into my life. Instead of waiting until it is over to praise my Lord, I’m going to start praising Him right now. This is happening for me and not to me. My God will use this to bless me and help me to grow. 

Whatever you are going through, my sweet friend, just hold on. Help is on the way. Good always overpowers evil. This situation is no exception. God will use this in a mighty way. We just have to trust Him.

Love and blessings, 


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