God Controls it All

It amazes me sometimes at the fullness of God’s blessings. I don’t think we ever truly realize His greatness and love for us. The true depth of His grace and mercy is felt in our hearts and not even a fraction of the feeling can be relayed to others in words. To tell someone God has been good to me, just doesn’t do Him or His blessings justice.

Sitting here today, I’m overwhelmed by the realization that I have been so blessed in my life. As a baby, unaware of the dangers awaiting me God reached His hand down from Heaven and moved me out of harm’s way. He wouldn’t allow the Amniotic Bands to take my life. Then He placed me in a loving home with parents who accepted and loved me unconditionally. He gave me friends who fought my battles, when I was unaware of the problems. He gave me wonderful siblings who are my protectors and friends. He gave me a wonderful husband who adores me and children to brighten my life.

He gave me enough determination, love, and faith to make it through every obstacle. He comforts me when I hurt and His prayers carry me through every battle. He is my strength, my salvation, my life. He is everything to me.

Not only did He give me the gift of words, but He gave me the courage to write my story. He held me during the painful process and guided my hand every step of the way. He always gave me enough hope to continue on this journey, when at times I wanted so desperately to give up. He took me through the valleys and blessed me to dig a few ditches along the way. And then during the darkest time of my life, He opened the windows of Heaven and poured His amazing blessings upon me.

He blessed me with a publisher who had a great vision for my books. He blessed me with wonderful people to instruct, guide, and encourage me through this process. He blessed me with a wonderful illustrator to capture my words with beautiful pictures. He blessed me with wonderful people to encourage me, praise my efforts, and give me enough courage to share my story with the world.

And then He made my reality so much greater than my dreams. One day after my books were released, “Underneath the Scars” landed on the Best Sellers list and was #1 on the Hot New Releases. I can’t even tell you how that blessed my heart. The joy bubbled inside me and spilled over. As the tears raced down my face, I knew God was pleased with me and I could feel Him smiling down upon me.

Then I read my beautiful reviews and all I could do was cry. It was then that I knew my blessings were far greater than I had ever imagined or dreamed. But God didn’t stop there.

When I saw that “Zippy and the Stripes of Courage”, my little Zippy who I had given up on— even accepted that it would never be published— was on the Best Sellers list and #1 on the Hot New Releases, I was simply AMAZED and blessed beyond words!

God gave me so much more than I expected, way more than I deserve, and so very much to be thankful for.

When people write to me and tell me my books changed their lives, I smile because I know God is so good. He can take something so small, bless it and make into a blessing for many. He’s the One who does the blessing and life changing. He’s the One deserving of all the praise.

When I saw this, God reminded me of all the pleas I made to Him, declaring no one would ever want to read my story. However, He holds all power on Heaven and Earth. He’s the One who touched the hearts of those who bought my books.

He’s the best thing that ever happened to me. And I owe it all to Him! I’m so thankful that He makes my faith bigger than my fears(I saw this on a friend’s Facebook and had to share). May you all dream big and trust God to make your dreams come true. God bless you and your beautiful life.

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