Free Virtual Group For Kids: How to Exercise More, Eat Better, and Become Healthier

Life has changed dramatically since we were kids. We used to play outside all day, every day. The world then, versus now, is totally different. Our children have to deal with so many more things than we ever had to deal with. The food has so many more chemicals now. In some places, it’s not safe to play outside now without adult supervision. And they have so many electronic devices to lure them in. We need to help them to break the cycle.

That is why I wanted to create an online group to encourage more exercise, healthier foods, and more family time. I love it when my boys walk with me or we go on a hike. It is so fun to spend time with them— away from distractions. This special time is a great opportunity to talk. We’ve had some great conversations while walking. It also shows them at a young age, the importance of exercising. I can still remember when my mom, my sister, and I walked in the evenings. Even though my legs hurt, I still enjoyed walking and talking with them. 

In the group, I’d love to accomplish the following things:
  1. Show our children how to make healthier choices. 
  2. Get them moving more.
  3. Make exercise fun.
  4. Get them to try new foods. 
  5. Spend more time playing as a family.
If you don’t have any ideas for workouts, Beachbody has you covered. They just released a new workout program for the whole family. However, you can do whatever type of exercise that you chose. I will be your guide throughout the process. We will have guidelines to go by and even a point system for your child to win a prize. Ultimately, this group will be yours. You can add friends and family, and even schedule a hike or play date with others in your area. Let’s use this group to kickstart a wonderful project. We need to teach our children the importance of good health. 

The group starts on Monday, May 8. Please comment below or send me an email to, if you’d like to be added to this group. I hope to see you there. 

Love and blessings, 


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