Focusing On Today

Today I found myself worrying about my hand. The whole recovery process seems a little overwhelming. I don’t have all the answers, know the next step, or even what this process will be like. I feel so helpless when I try to make my thumb move a certain way and it doesn’t. Even my finger, which I used all the time before, is struggling. 

When we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory, we usually tell God that we can’t do it. In our mind, we are never smart enough, strong enough, brave enough, etc. This type of thinking usually leads to feeling overwhelmed, and we accept defeat before we ever put forth an effort. 

Since we don’t always have experience in a particular situation, we automatically believe that we can’t do it. We don’t realize that God will give us what we need, when we need it— to not only fight the battle, but to win it as well. 

If we were not ready for the battle, then God would not have allowed it to come before us. I had to read that statement a few times to let the message sink in. 

God knows what we can handle. He knows the exact amount of pressure to put on us to make us grow, and prosper in our life. We have to be willing to do new, scary, exciting things in our life in order to get the change that we desire. Because we are either growing or dying. We don’t just get to settle into a place of comfort. Being comfortable doesn’t serve us. 

When I focus on today, and sometimes even the minute or hour, it’s not as overwhelming. We don’t always have to have everything figured out to take the first step. God will help us figure it out as we go. Sometimes when I go into unfamiliar territory, I want to back up on Him. But when I can just breathe deeply and take the step before me, He will always guide me along the way.   

So as the enemy comes at me with all of my fears, I just find a quiet place to pray. With my head bowed in prayer is where I trade my problems for solutions, my fear for peace, and my weaknesses for God’s strength. Anytime that I seek Him, I always find Him waiting for me. And when I can shift my focus to gratitude, then I don’t have fear or feel overwhelmed. I can’t be worried about this thumb when my heart is so grateful for it. 

Many blessings, 


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