Focusing On God

God’s mercy is new each day. It doesn’t expire. Nor do we reach a point to where He no longer helps us. He is with us each day, and will help us with whatever we need. 

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with the pressures of the world. It seems as if there is always a new obstacle arising. When these things happen to us, the enemy rushes to our side. The devil always shows up to add fuel to the fire, and make it all seem worse than what it is. He extends his hand of fear, uncertainty, and worry and encourages us to follow after him. As long as we have our eyes focused on the bad, then we can’t see the good. God is where we will find the peace, comfort, and certainty that we desire. 

While the Lord may not step in and completely fix my problem, He will show me how to overcome it. Most times, all I need to do is change my perspective. 

When I focus on gratitude, my fear diminishes. It’s hard to be fearful, when I’m so thankful. Yesterday, for example, I was trying to settle on a new health plan. Since there was not a good choice, my stress level was high, and I was in tears. Right away my mind started racing to the place of uncertainty, and I started asking myself “what if”. The what if questions will drive anyone crazy. So I changed my thought process and started asking myself better questions. 

Have you ever encountered a problem that was too hard for God to handle?

Do you believe that He will always take care of you?

Once I shifted my mindset, my situation changed. Even though the health care plan(s) remained the same. Instead of continuing the debate, I prayed about it, and chose one. God knows my situation. He knows my future. 

During these times, I just have to remember that my percentage rate for getting through hard situations with God is 100 %. I’ve never encountered anything that He couldn’t help me overcome. This situation is no exception. He knows what is behind me, in front of me, and all around me. He has a plan to help me. Before this problem ever occurred, He had a solution for me. At the exact moment that I need His help, He will be there for me. He’s never let me down. 

I am so grateful to know the Lord. His love, grace, and mercy surround me. Nothing or no one can separate me from Him. And that is what I chose to focus on. 

Love and blessings, 


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